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We believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.  We believe your skin products can be uncomplicated and healthy while still being able to work great and make your skin feel good.





How do we choose our ingredients?

We begin by using food based ingredients.  While using these ingredients may limit our options, we find that keeping it simpler also keeps our products safer.  So even if your baby decides to taste some of our baby products, you can feel confident that she’s not getting anything toxic.

In order to make our products the best they can be, we expand beyond food ingredients to ingredients that are natural and minimally refined.  For example, essential oils enhance the enjoyment of our lotion bar or our bath powder and are derived directly from the plants.

Some ingredients are wonderful for your skin, but not wonderful to eat.  A great example is Castor Oil: it has great healing properties but if eaten works as a laxative.

We also use the gentlest and most natural ingredients to help preserve our products.   Ingredients like vitamin E are healing to the skin and the vodka in our Baby Butt Spray serves the dual purpose of being and antiseptic and a preserving agent.

What we make is above all, good for your skin.  If they weren’t our favorite products, we wouldn’t sell them!


The first batch of lotion and lip balm were made as a home school craft.  Laura loved the results and made more as Christmas gifts.  When someone suggested that she should turn her idea into a business, Laura jumped on the idea.  She spent months perfecting the recipes and now offers these first two products to you, with many other new product painstakingly researched and tested.  

With ingredients that make sense, we carefully make all our products in small batches.  We don't use anything that we wouldn't want put on our own bodies, and most ingredients are also considered food products.  Natural ingredients and simple recipes that work better than anything we've found on the market make us proud to be selling these skin care products to you.

Name: Laura Dahl

Proprietor: Bless Skin Care

College: University of Connecticut

Major: Bachelor of Fine Art, Photography

Skin Type: Dry, sensitive, hormonally reactive, with eczema, psoriasis

My degree in photography focused on making my own photo-sensitive papers, using non-silver processes. Not only was I focussed on the creation of art, but also in understanding the chemistry. I also took ceramics classes in which we made our own clay bases and fit glazes to them.

This training in chemistry has given me a natural edge to understanding the chemistry of skin and how to create formulas that work well. I care deeply about creating products that are healthy.

A Simple Body Beginnings

Laura and her daughter Lilly

Name: Deann

Skin Type: Oily, achneic

Having worked in the beauty industry for years, Deann brings her enthusiasm for chemistry and essential oils to the mix. She understands the needs of skin sensitive to acne triggers and how to control oiliness. 

What’s in a name?

A Simple Body becomes Bless Skin Care

The word “simple” is simply used too much in marketing. Indeed, company came over from the UK with the name Simple, and there was even another handmade company that chose to go under the name Simple Body. Let alone all the food packaging,  cleaning products, and instruction manuals.

The word “simple” expressed how we made our formulas and our philosophy for skin care, but “Bless” expresses better what we want to do for our customers. We want you to have a great experience when you use our products, knowing that they are wholesome and affective.

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