BLESS your baby’s bottom



This starter kit will convince you that you don’t need to buy pre-made baby wipes. This cleansing spray does not sting like regular wipes, even with diaper rash. Works especially well in the delicate folds of skin, and when fighting sticky-poo. And you save money by washing and reusing the washcloths. The concentrate will refill the spray bottle three times.

Three ingredients, or four when you add water. Pure Castile soap is a gentle cleanser. The vodka is a gentle antiseptic that won’t sting or dry out skin like isopropyl alcohol. Finally, the olive oil aids in cleansing and leaves behind a protective moisture barrier.

This starter kid comes with 1 pre-made spray bottle, a refill bottle concentrate enough for 3 spray bottle refills, and 10 reusable flannel washcloths.

Instructions: spray directly onto skin or onto the washcloth or paper towel. Wipe. No rinsing needed. 100% Vegan, not tested on animals (just on our friends.)

$35.00  click here to purchase

    Individual spray bottle and 8 oz refill concentrate also available.

Multiple Uses:

  1. Great for adults

  2. Take on the road with paper towels

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