Bless Face and Body Wash

The Romans had elaborate beauty rituals, part of which was to cleans their skin with oil. Oil dissolves oil, loosening the dirt and makeup on your face. The warm washcloth opens your pores, and with a massage you bring the dirt to the surface. No toner needed, just splash your face with cold water if you feel the need to close your pores. Scroll down for instructions.

For dry skin: follow oil face wash with a moisturizer

For combo skin: you may find that you need moisturizer just in spot or none at all.

For oily skin: you may follow with a gentle cleansing bar like cetaphil and/or with our Exquisite Lotion: a light moisturizer that is good to help balance your skin. Remember if you strip too much oil, your skin will react by creating more oil.

Soap is too harsh for daily cleansing, because it strips the oil from your skin. The soap molecules actually attach to the dirt and oil removing them, taking away your natural protective sebum. Save your soap for washing your hands after you’ve worked on the car.

Good for you ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut and/or Jajoba Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E oil, Essential oils (if scented).

Great uses for Oil Face Wash:

  1. -Use on whole body, apply before getting in shower, and let shower water open your pores (be careful, as oil can cause a slippery shower)

  2. -Use as baby wash--it’s very gentle and moisturizing

  3. -Removes makeup

  4. -Use as a scalp deep moisture treatment before shampooing.

  5. -Take on camping trip for shower-free washing, all you need is a wet washcloth


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