Baby skin needs to be treated gently, as does adult skin. This cleansing bath does not dry your skin, but moisturizes with milk, honey and soothing oatmeal. Safe for infant baths; use on skin and in hair. No rinsing needed. Made from food ingredients, so it safe for little children, even those who like to drink their bath water.

All the ingredients bring moisture to the skin, while provided gentle cleansing. May be used on baby’s hair.

Great for a moisturizing adult bath soak.

100% food based ingredients, not tested on animals (just on my baby and friends.)

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TIPS for Moisturizing your skin in the bath:

  1. 1.Bathe in warm, not hot water. Hot water will strip your skin of it protective oils.

  2. 2.Don’t take too long of a bath: when your fingers are pruney your skin has become over saturated and will loose it’s moisture.

  3. 3.Moisturize your skin with Aloe and Jojoba Cream immediately after drying off, ideally within 5 minute.

  4. 4.While your skin is still moist and soft it is a good time to buff your heals or give yourself and pedicure.

Bless your bath


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