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We’re sure you’ll love this lip balm. It will heal your dry lips, and provide long lasting protection to keep them soft for hours. Choose from our original scent with essential oils or unscented with a hit of natural honey scent from the beeswax. 

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Our solid lotion is made to melt at body temperature, nourishing and moisturizing your skin. This lotion will soaks into your skin, making it feel instantly softer and protected.  Use this lotion on all areas of your body, even on a dry scalp. Works wonderfully for all skin types, but is especially helpful for eczema and psoriasis when used regularly.  

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Are you ready to try something that will truly be different from anything you’ve tried before?  Bless Face and Body wash loosens the dirt, because oil dissolves oil. A warm wash cloth opens your pores, and your skin is clean, refreshed, and retains that protective oil

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Baby skin needs to be treated gently, as does adult skin. This cleansing bath does not dry your skin, but moisturizes with milk, honey and soothing oatmeal. Safe for infant baths; use on skin and in hair. No rinsing needed. Made from food ingredients, so it safe for little children who like to drink their bath water.

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This starter kit will convince you that you don’t need to buy pre-made baby wipes. This cleansing spray does not sting like regular wipes, even with diaper rash. Works especially well in the delicate folds of skin, and when fighting sticky-poo. And you save money by washing and reusing the washcloths. The concentrate will refill the spray bottle three times.

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Rich in moisture, gentle, and quickly absorbed this organically preserved cream provides a lighter moisturizer than the lotion bar. Perfect for the face, and wonderful for the whole body. This cream is made and preserved with 80% organic ingredients, no parabens or synthetics.  
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Handmade in small batches, our gentle and luxuriant product take care of your skin without synthetic or harmful ingredients. Putting aside today’s harsh skin, our products follow in the steps of ancient skin care practices that are gentle and effective. Perfect for adults, and safe and gentle enough for babies.

Gift Baskets

Special Order gift baskets available. Pick the items you want, and I will pack them in either a woven baskets, or a “take out box”.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Just return the unused portion of the product for a complete replacement or refund.


Soothing for baby bums, and a gentle deodorant for adults that can be used in all your nooks and crannies. Probiotics fight odor, while arrowroot powder helps dry, and the healing properties of chamomile, neem, and oats keep baby’s skin healthy. NO TALCUM powder!

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A revolutionary deodorant uses the power of good bacteria (probiotics) to defeat the bad smelling bacteria. Made in a powder or a cream base, scented or unscented to suit everyone’s preference. Both have arrowroot powder to keep you dry and comfortable.

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