Setting People Free


What holds a person captive, be it drugs or slavery, can limit their ability to be happy and productive members of society. Helping them find true freedom gives them the chance to grow in personal and financial stability, and also the chance to be a help to others in need.

Laura is a board member at Community Compassion Connections, and is actively involved with helping their

clients recover from substance abuse. They have started

with a long term recovery home for men, and Laura helping pursue a home for women. Her heart’s desire is to open a home for women with their children; a difficult task but sorely needed.

We also care deeply about how our products are made and the conditions of all people involved in the process. While we cannot insure that all ingredients are made without slave labor, we make choices to avoid slave labor where ever we can. To aid this effort, International Justice Mission is one of the charities that we support. Slavery today is at an all time high, and much of it is hidden from our view in 3rd world countries. IJM has helped rescue children from the sex trade, and families from the trap of slavery.

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